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The Smarter Choice

How much do you know about the soap you use on a day-to-day basis?

A casual walk down a supermarket and you will find an array of body cleansers, soap bars and body washes, all of which are mere synthetic detergents with additives that do more harm than good. The simplest and best reason to choose handcrafted soap is its ingredients. Derived from natural ingredients and oils, they have elements that are beneficial to the skin and avoid harm to the environment.

Everyone wants healthy glowing skin, and if you can pick responsibly sourced products that nourish the skin, why choose anything else!

In case you are still in two minds about why you should shift towards handcrafted, organic goodness, we’ve jotted down an interesting list to educate you on why handmade soaps are the smarter choice and how to use them.

All Genuine, All Clean:

Unlike the mass-produced commercial stuff, our handcrafted soaps are made from natural oils and butter, loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. These ingredients are ideal for relieving itchiness and are much milder compared to commercial ones. Curated and made with love, handcrafted soaps have a lot of thought processes behind them. Each bar is unique and put together for a specific skin type. While the bars might cost you more than your regular commercial bar, it is due to the unrefined oils and purifying ingredients that go into them.

There’s One for All:

If you feel variety is the spice of life, then handmade soaps will work very well for you. No matter your preference and skin type, there is always a handcrafted soap out there that will serve the senses you crave during bath time. With thousands of combinations of ingredients and oils, it is important to remember that no handmade soap is alike, and each of them does something specifically unique to your skin.

The Glycerin Glory:

One of the most crucial ingredients of handmade soap is glycerin. The precious emollient, as they call it, softens and attracts moisture to the skin. Rather than being an additive, glycerin is naturally created during the process of making handcrafted soap, while mixing the oils and butter.

Store it Well:

The most common complaint about a tailored soap is it melts quickly. And there is nothing that can disintegrate a soap faster than keeping it wet. Adequate air circulation ensures hot or cold process soap bars last longer. The more your soap dries, the longer it lasts. Storing your soap bars on an open shelf is also a good option- a wire rack, bamboo soap dish or a self-draining soap dish will not make your soap soggy and give it the space it needs.

Now that you know quite a bit about why handmade soaps are better, we are pretty sure there’s no going back. At bathelement & more… we are dedicated to helping you discover the right soap, one that will give you happy and glowing skin - a simple desire that will also make a big difference to your body.

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